The Age of Worms - A Sin Eater Chronicle

The Story Thus Far

The Bunker of the Long Night

On the way back to Baton Rouge after dealing with a favor for Clio, the characters stop at a greasy diner and overhear a local sheriff. It seems he has covered up another local murder, not out of malfeasance but because it seems supernatural.
Investigating, the characters discover the ruined remains of a bunker once belonging to a religious cult called the Long Night. Believing that the apocalypse had already started the group built and descended into their bunker to wait it out. In a bloody federal raid that made Waco seem quite tame the cult was wiped out and the bunker fell into disrepair.
Since that time local teenagers would use the place as a party spot or sometimes as a place to show their bravery by spending the night inside. It was believed to be haunted.
In fact it was. In the years since the raid nearly a dozen teenagers have died there, apparently killed with a shotgun. Though the victims showed powder burns and clear gunshot trauma, no evidence of any pellet or shot was ever discovered. There were likewise no real suspects, no motive, and no sane leads.
During their exploration the characters discover Timmy, the ghost of a 10 year old boy who died from a shotgun blast to the face. A member of the Long Night, he has been guarding the bunker from “sinners” since his death by federal agents. Partying teens certainly fit the bill.
Before he will even consider moving on he has an issue to resolve, his father, brother, and sister have been stolen and he wants them returned. He directs the characters to the backwoods home where he grew up and indeed the family cemetery was recently plundered and bodies stolen.
While investigating, William was attacked by one of the bayou’s stealthiest alligators. After dispatching the beast it is discovered that William was not its first human victim. A partially eaten arm, still only a few days fresh, was discovered. A tattoo on the arm linked its owner to the Knights of the Aryan Resistance (KAR), a local neo-nazi group.


Huchel Huchel

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