Sarah Flynn

Sin-Eater Forgotten Celebrant


Attributes INT 3, WITS 3, RES 2, STR 2, DEX 3, STA 2, PRE 2, MAN 2, COM 2
Skills Academics (Religion) 2, Crafts 1, Medicine 1, Occult 1, Science 2
Athletics 2, Brawl 1, Firearms1, Larceny (pick pockets) 2, Stealth 3, Weaponry 3
Empathy 2, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Subterfuge (lying) 2
Merits: Barfly 1, Fighting Finesse 2, Striking Looks 2, Resources 2, Contacts (Aegis Koru) 1,
Haunt (Accessibility 1, Fluidity 1, Residue 1)
Keys: Stillness, Industrial, Grave-Dirt
Manifestations: Shroud 2, Rage 1
Health 7, Willpower 4, Psyche 2, Synergy 7
Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 3, Initiative Mod +5

Description: Attractive red-haired young woman. typically dressed in trendy clothes.


Sarah has been sheltered her entire life. Her mother, a devout catholic, drilled into her that the world was a den of evil and sin and that Sarah was in constant danger of corruption from demonic forces. By the time Sarah started school at a an all girl catholic school, she was already a timid and shy girl.

At school, Sarah was a bit of an outcast, though she did manage to make friends with another shy girl by the name of Charlotte. Often as shy as Sarah, Charlotte had a wicked sense of humor when no one else but Sarah was around. Some days though, Charlotte would come to school with bruises on her arms or a black eye. On those days, Charlotte would barely talk.

One morning when they were in 5th grade, Sarah arrived at school early as usual. She found Charlotte in the class room as normal. Charlotte was quiet and Sarah knew what that usually meant. Instead though, Charlotte turned to Sarah with an intense look.
“I have to tell you something. Its very important, Sarah.”
“What is it, Charlotte?”
“I need you to tell them something, Sarah. Tell them its under the porch.”
“Tell who, Charlotte? What’s under the porch?”
With a ring of the bell, Sister Mary Agnes hushed the class, a solemn look on her face.
“Class, I have an announcement. Sadly, Charlotte McAllister fell at her home this weekend. Her injuries were severe. She did not make it.”
“What are you talking about? Charlotte’s right—” Sarah burst out, the most attention she’d drawn to herself all school year. She thought the Sister must be joking, but when Sarah turned to the seat next to her, it was empty.

Charlotte’s funeral was a sad affair. Her mother was devastated and her father had drunk himself into a stupor. Not that Sarah had sympathy for him- she knew he was the reason for Charlotte’s quiet days. She also thought he might have something to do with her friend’s death. Sarah sat in Charlotte’s house after the service, surrounded by adults. Sarah was used to feeling invisible. this was the first time she actually wanted to be. She walked out onto the porch and sat on the swing.
As she sat swinging back and forth, Charlotte’s last words came back to her- or at least what she thought was her last words: it had to have been a hallucination. But she said it was under the porch. this porch. Sarah climbed off the edge and knelt down next to a broken section of the lattice. It was a place she and Charlotte had used to stash a necklace they had found once. Was that what Charlotte had been talking about?
Sarah reached under the porch, nearly climbing halfway in. Her hand touched something sticky and wet. Sarah pulled her hand out quickly and saw that her hands were covered in sticky blood. Shocked, she reached back in. Her hand wrapped around something cold and metal.
“Sarah Ruth, what are you doing down there?” Sarah looked up to see Sister Agnes standing above her. Suddenly, the elderly woman crossed herself. “What is that in your hand?!”
Sarah looked down. When the sister had surprised her, Sarah had pulled whatever she had grabbed onto out from under the porch. It was an aluminum baseball bat, and it was covered in blood.

Charlotte’s father went to prison soon after. He had apparently been drunk and angry when he had hit his daughter with the bat. Charlotte’s message had been the key to that, but Sarah never told anyone. She found it surprisingly easy to lie and say she was just looking for the necklace. It was somewhat true anyway.

Sarah Flynn

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